Issue contents

Volume 55 (2019)
Volume 56 (2020)
Volume 57 (2021)

Issue: 4

601-616 G. Morvai and B. Weiss Universal rates for estimating the residual waiting time in an intermittent way
617-645 D. Jahn and F. Seitl Existence and simulation of Gibbs-Delaunay-Laguerre tessellations
646-661 H. Huang, L. Li and X. Lu Convergence of the tail probability for weighted sums of negatively orthant dependent random variables
662-694 Z. Peng The study on semicopula based implications
695-721 M. Jahani Sayyad Noveiri, S. Kordrostami and A. Amirteimoori Efficiency evaluation of closed-loop supply chains with proportional dual-role measures
722-726 D. Pálvölgyi The range of non-linear natural polynomials cannot be context-free
727-752 V. S. Muni and R. K. George Controllability of linear impulsive systems -- an eigenvalue approach
753-766 S. Zheng Exponential stability via aperiodically intermittent control of complex-variable time delayed chaotic systems
767-793 İ. Gümüşboğa and A. İftar Fault-tolerant pitch-rate control augmentation system design for asymmetric elevator failures in a combat plane
794-809 Y. Jiang, K. Lu and J. Dai Global robust output regulation of a class of nonlinear systems with nonlinear exosystems
810-820 V. Veselý and L. Körösi Robust PI-D controller design for descriptor systems using regional pole placement and/or $H_2$ performance
821-841 C. Vidrios-Serrano, M. Mendoza, I. Bonilla and B. Maldonado-Fregoso A generalised proportional-derivative force/vision controller for torque-driven planar robotic manipulators