Issue contents

Volume 47 (2011)
Volume 48 (2012)
Volume 49 (2013)

Issue: 6

1065-1088 T. Korotka, J. Loiseau and P. Zagalak Weak regularizability and pole assignment for non-square linear systems
1089-1099 D. Henrion Semidefinite characterisation of invariant measures for one-dimensional discrete dynamical systems
1100-1113 J. Belikov, Ü. Kotta and M. Tõnso State-space realization of nonlinear control systems: unification and extension via pseudo-linear algebra
1114-1135 A. Aybar and A. İftar Supervisory controller design for timed-place Petri nets
1136-1155 M. Mendoza, I. Bonilla, F. Reyes and E. González-Galván Editor's award 2012A Lyapunov-based design tool of impedance controllers for robot manipulators
1156-1179 J. Stefanovski Transformation of optimal control problems of descriptor systems into problems with state-space systems
1180-1193 J. Wang, Z. Qiu and G. Zhang Finite-time consensus problem for multiple non-holonomic mobile agents
1194-1210 W. Ni, X. Wang and C. Xiong Leader-following consensus of multiple linear systems under switching topologies: an averaging method
1211-1228 J. Wang, Y. Zhou and W. Wei Novel method for generalized stability analysis of nonlinear impulsive evolution equations
1229-1249 P. Mercorelli Invariant subspaces for grasping internal forces and non-interacting force-motion control in robotic manipulation
1250-1265 A. Malek, R. Ebrahim Nataj and M. Yazdanpanah Efficient algorithm to solve optimal boundary control problem for Burgers' equation
1266-1288 P. Mercorelli A geometric algorithm for the output functional controllability in general manipulation systems and mechanisms