Issue contents

Volume 47 (2011)
Volume 48 (2012)
Volume 49 (2013)

Issue: 2

177-189 H. Damak, M. Hammami and Y. Sun The existence of limit cycle for perturbed bilinear systems
190-205 H. Liang, Z. Wang, Z. Yue and R. Lu Generalized synchronization and control for incommensurate fractional unified chaotic system and applications in secure communication
206-222 C. Zhang, S. Li and S. Ding Finite-time output feedback stabilization and control for a quadrotor mini-aircraft
223-241 Z. Neusser and M. Valášek Control of the underactuated mechanical systems using natural motion
242-253 A. Rastegin Convexity inequalities for estimating generalized conditional entropies from below
254-267 N. Huan and N. Quang The Doob inequality and strong law of large numbers for multidimensional arrays in general Banach spaces
268-286 R. Montes-de-Oca and E. Lemus-Rodríguez An unbounded Berge´s minimum theorem with applications to discounted Markov decision processes
287-293 F. Durante On a problem by Schweizer and Sklar
294-298 V. Olejček Fractal construction of an atomic Archimedean effect algebra with non-atomic subalgebra of sharp elements
299-308 H. Myšková Max-min interval systems of linear equations with bounded solution
309-328 I. Rashid, M. Gavalec and S. Sergeev Eigenspace of a three-dimensional max-Lukasiewicz fuzzy matrix
329-345 K. Haugen, G. Lanquepin-Chesnais and A. Olstad A fast Lagrangian heuristic for large-scale Capacitated Lot-size Problems with restricted cost structures
346-356 X. Li, H. Ishii and M. Chen Batch scheduling problem with due-date and fuzzy precedence relation