Kybernetika 48 no. 6, 1211-1228, 2012

Novel method for generalized stability analysis of nonlinear impulsive evolution equations

JinRong Wang, Yong Zhou and Wei Wei


In this paper, we discuss some generalized stability of solutions to a class of nonlinear impulsive evolution equations in the certain piecewise essentially bounded functions space. Firstly, stabilization of solutions to nonlinear impulsive evolution equations are studied by means of fixed point methods at an appropriate decay rate. Secondly, stable manifolds for the associated singular perturbation problems with impulses are compared with each other. Finally, an example on initial boundary value problem for impulsive parabolic equations is illustrated to our theory results.


stabilization, impulsive evolution equations, stable manifolds, singularly perturbed problems


34G20, 35B40, 35K20


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