Kybernetika 48 no. 2, 190-205, 2012

Generalized synchronization and control for incommensurate fractional unified chaotic system and applications in secure communication

Hongtao Liang, Zhen Wang, Zongmin Yue and Ronghui Lu


A fractional differential controller for incommensurate fractional unified chaotic system is described and proved by using the Gershgorin circle theorem in this paper. Also, based on the idea of a nonlinear observer, a new method for generalized synchronization (GS) of this system is proposed. Furthermore, the GS technique is applied in secure communication (SC), and a chaotic masking system is designed. Finally, the proposed fractional differential controller, GS and chaotic masking scheme are showed by using numerical and experimental simulations.


fractional chaotic systems, fractional differential controller, GS, state observer, Gershgorin circle theorem, pole assignment algorithm, SC, chaotic masking


65P20, 94A05, 11T71


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