Issue contents

Volume 53 (2017)
Volume 54 (2018)
Volume 55 (2019)

Issue: 4

629-647 M. Mehrali-Varjani, M. Shamsi and A. Malek Solving a class of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations using pseudospectral methods
648-663 G. Zhang, C. Wang, A. Alsaedi, J. Ma and G. Ren Dependence of hidden attractors on non-linearity and Hamilton energy in a class of chaotic system
664-698 V. S. Muni and R. K. George Controllability of linear impulsive matrix Lyapunov differential systems with delays in the control function
699-717 Y. Yu and Y. Shen Robust sampled-data observer design for Lipschitz nonlinear systems
718-735 G. Hu Delay-dependent stability of Runge-Kutta methods for linear neutral systems with multiple delays
736-747 A. Kaldmäe and Ü. Kotta Realization of nonlinear input-output equations in controller canonical form
748-764 G. Mavlankulov, M. Othman, S. Turaev, M. Selamat, L. Zhumabayeva and T. Zhukabayeva Concurrently controlled grammars
765-777 D. Flimmel and V. Beneš Gaussian approximation for functionals of Gibbs particle processes
778-797 R. Jagannath and N. S. Upadhye The LASSO estimator: Distributional properties
798-814 J. Voříšek Estimation and bimodality testing in the cusp model
815-828 Y. Wu and J. Peng Some limit theorems for $m$-pairwise negative quadrant dependent random variables
829-843 H. Tirandaz Chaos synchronization of TSUCS unified chaotic system, a modified function projective control method
844-863 M. Tan and D. Xu Existence, uniqueness and global asymptotic stability for a class of complex-valued neutral-type neural networks with time delays