Kybernetika 54 no. 4, 829-843, 2018

Chaos synchronization of TSUCS unified chaotic system, a modified function projective control method

Hamed TirandazDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2018-4-0829


The synchronization problem of the three-scroll unified chaotic system (TSUCS) is studied in this paper. A modified function projective synchronization (MFPS) method is developed to achieve this goal. Furthermore, the only parameter of the TSUCS unified chaotic system is considered unknown and estimated with an appropriate parameter estimation law. MFPS method is investigated for both identical and non-identical chaotic systems. Lyapunov stability theorem is utilized to verify the proposed feedback control laws and validate the proposed synchronization scheme. Finally, some numerical simulations are presented to assess the effectiveness of the theoretical discussions.


chaos synchronization, three-scroll unified chaotic system (TSUCS), modified function projective synchronization (MFPS), nonlinear dynamics


93Cxx, 93Dxx, 65Pxx


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