Kybernetika 57 no. 1, 174-192, 2021

Exponential stability of nonlinear systems with event-triggered schemes and its application

Zhang Li, Gang Yu and Yanjun ShenDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2021-1-0174


In this paper, we discuss exponential stability for nonlinear systems with sampled-data-based event-triggered schemes. First, a framework is proposed to analyze exponential stability for nonlinear systems under some different triggering conditions. Based on these results, output feedback exponential stabilization is investigated for a class of inherently nonlinear systems under a kind of event-triggered strategies. Finally, the rationality of the theoretical work is verified by numerical simulations.


output feedback, exponential stability, sampled-data, event-triggered, inherently nonlinear systems


93C57, 93D23


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