Kybernetika 57 no. 1, 118-140, 2021

Output feedback $H_\infty$ control of networked control systems based on two channel event-triggered mechanisms

Yanjun Shen, Zhenguo Li and Gang YuDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2021-1-0118


In this paper, we study dynamical output feedback {$H_\infty$} control for networked control systems (NCSs) based on two channel event-triggered mechanisms, which are proposed on both sides of the sensor and the controller. The output feedback $H_\infty$ controller is constructed by taking random network-induced delays into consideration without data buffer units. The controlled plant and the output feedback controller are updated immediately by the sampled input and the sampled output, respectively. By using the approaches of time delay and interval decomposition, linear matrix inequality (LMI) based sufficient conditions are presented to guarantee that the closed-loop system satisfies $H_\infty$ performance. Finally, we provide numerical simulations to illustrate effectiveness of the proposed method.


LMI, event-triggered mechanism, output feedback $H_\infty $ control, interval decomposition, NCSs


93B52, 93B70


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