Kybernetika 55 no. 2, 385-401, 2019

A practical solution to implement nonlinear output regulation via dynamic mappings

Carlos Armenta, Jorge Álvarez, Raymundo Márquez and Miguel BernalDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2019-2-0385


This paper presents a novel error-feedback practical solution for real-time implementation of nonlinear output regulation. Sufficient and necessary conditions for both state- and error-feedback output regulation have been established for linear and nonlinear systems several decades ago. In their most general form, these solutions require solving a set of nonlinear partial differential equations, which may be hard or even impossible to solve analytically. In recent years, a methodology for dynamic calculation of the mappings required for state-feedback regulation has been put forward; following the latter, an error-feedback extension is hereby provided which, when combined with design conditions in the form of linear matrix inequalities, becomes suitable for real-time setups. Real-time results are presented for a nonlinear twin rotor MIMO system. Issues concerning the implementation as well as the solutions adopted, are discussed.


linear matrix inequality, nonlinear output regulation, twin rotor, real-time


93C10, 93C95, 93D05


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