Kybernetika 53 no. 4, 578-594, 2017

Backstepping based nonlinear adaptive control for the extended nonholonomic double integrator

Waseem Abbasi, Fazal urRehman and Ibrahim ShahDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2017-4-0578


In this paper a steering control algorithm for the Extended Nonholonomic Double Integrator is presented. An adaptive backstepping based controller is proposed which yields asymptotic stabilization and convergence of the closed loop system to the origin. This is achieved by transforming the original system into a new system which can be globally asymptotically stabilized. Once the new system is stabilized, the stability of the original system can be easily established. Stability of the closed loop system is analyzed on the basis of Lyapunov theory. The effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm is verified through numerical simulation and the results are compared to existing methods.


Lyapunov function, feedback stabilization, nonholonomic systems, systems with drift, adaptive backstepping




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