Kybernetika 53 no. 3, 480-492, 2017

Directional quantile regression in R

Pavel Boček and Miroslav ŠimanDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2017-3-0480


Recently, the eminently popular standard quantile regression has been generalized to the multiple-output regression setup by means of directional regression quantiles in two rather interrelated ways. Unfortunately, they lead to complicated optimization problems involving parametric programming, and this may be the main obstacle standing in the way of their wide dissemination. The presented R package modQR is intended to address this issue. It originates as a quite faithful translation of the authors' moQuantile toolbox for Octave and MATLAB, and provides all the necessary computational support for both the directional multiple-output quantile regression methods to the wide statistical public. The article offers a concise summary of the statistical theory behind modQR, overviews the package in brief, points out its departures from moQuantile, comments on its use and performance, and demonstrates its application.


multivariate quantile, regression quantile, halfspace depth, regression depth, depth contour


62-04, 65C60, 62H05, 62J99


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