Kybernetika 51 no. 1, 137-149, 2015

Finite-time synchronization of chaotic systems with noise perturbation

Jie Wu, Zhi-cai Ma, Yong-zheng Sun and Feng LiuDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2015-1-0137


In this paper, we investigate the finite-time stochastic synchronization problem of two chaotic systems with noise perturbation. We propose new adaptive controllers, with which we can synchronize two chaotic systems in finite time. Sufficient conditions for the finite-time stochastic synchronization are derived based on the finite-time stability theory of stochastic differential equations. Finally, some numerical examples are examined to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the theoretical results.


synchronization, finite-time, noise perturbation, adaptive feedback controller


34F05, 34H10


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