Kybernetika 51 no. 1, 112-136, 2015

Stability of nonlinear h-difference systems with n fractional orders

Małgorzata Wyrwas, Ewa Pawluszewicz and Ewa GirejkoDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2015-1-0112


In the paper we study the subject of stability of systems with $h$-differences of Caputo-, Riemann-Liouville- and Grünwald-Letnikov-type with $n$ fractional orders. The equivalent descriptions of fractional $h$-difference systems are presented. The sufficient conditions for asymptotic stability are given. Moreover, the Lyapunov direct method is used to analyze the stability of the considered systems with $n$-orders.


stability, fractional difference systems, difference operators


39A, 93D


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