Kybernetika 47 no. 6, 855-865, 2011

One Bootstrap suffices to generate sharp uniform Bounds in Functional Estimation

Paul Deheuvels


We consider, in the framework of multidimensional observations, nonparametric functional estimators, which include, as special cases, the Akaike-Parzen-Rosenblatt kernel density estimators ([1], [18], [20]), and the Nadaraya-Watson kernel regression estimators ([16], [22]). We evaluate the sup-norm, over a given set <span class="tex"><b>I</b></span>, of the difference between the estimator and a non-random functional centering factor (which reduces to the estimator mean for kernel density estimation). We show that, under suitable general conditions, this random quantity is consistently estimated by the sup-norm over <span class="tex"><b>I</b></span> of the difference between the original estimator and a bootstrapped version of this estimator. This provides a simple and flexible way to evaluate the estimator accuracy, through a single bootstrap. The present work generalizes former results of Deheuvels and Derzko [4], given in the setup of density estimation in <b>R</b>.


density estimation, nonparametric functional estimation, regression estimation, bootstrap, resampling methods, confidence regions, empirical processes


62G05, 62G08, 62G09, 62G15, 62G20, 62G30


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