Kybernetika 46 no. 5, 785-798, 2010

Rejection of nonharmonic disturbances in nonlinear systems

Shutang Liu, Yuan Jiang and Ping Liu


This paper proposes an asymptotic rejection algorithm on the rejection of nonharmonic periodic disturbances for general nonlinear systems. The disturbances, which are produced by nonlinear exosystems, are nonharmonic and periodic. A new nonlinear internal model is proposed to deal with the disturbances. Further, a state feedback controller is designed to ensure that the system's state variables can asymptotically converge to zero, and the disturbances can be completely rejected. The proposed algorithm can be used in many applications, e. g. active vibration control, and the avoidance of nonharmonic distortion in nonlinear circuits. An example is shown that the proposed algorithm can completely reject the nonharmonic periodic disturbances generated from a Van der Pol circuit.


disturbance rejection, nonharmonic periodic disturbances, global stability, Van der Pol circuit, vibration control


93E12, 62A10, 62F15