Kybernetika 36 no. 6, 635-655, 2000

Fuzzy XML queries via context-based choice of aggregations

Ernesto Damiani, Letizia Tanca and Francesca Arcelli Fontana


A flexible query model is presented for semi-structured information stored in {\sl well-formed} XML documents, modeled as {\sl XML fuzzy graphs} by computing estimates of the {\sl importance} of the information associated to XML elements and attributes. The notion of fuzzy graph closure with threshold is then used to obtain a fuzzy extension of the XML fuzzy graphs' topological structure. Weights associated to closure arcs are computed as a conjunction of the importance values of the underlying arcs in the original graph, via a context-based choice of conjunctions. Query results are subgraphs of the resulting fuzzy closure graph, presented as a {\sl ranked list} according to their degree of matching to the user query.