Kybernetika 31 no. 6, 649-655, 1995

On obtaining the time-invariant associated system of a periodic system through system equivalence

Osvaldo Maria Grasselli, Sauro Longhi and Antonio Tornambè


In this paper it is shown that the standard Rosenbrock's strict system equivalence technique can be used as a way for obtaining the associated system at a given initial time of a linear periodic discrete-time system S, starting from its "stacked form" at the same initial time. Therefore, by well-known results about the Rosenbrock's strict system equivalence, the stacked transfer matrix, the characteristic multipliers, the invariant zeros, the input decoupling zeros and the output decoupling zeros of system S at a given time and the corresponding ordered sets of structural indices, which were originally introduced on the basis of the associated system, can be equivalently characterized through the stacked form of S.


93C05, 93C99, 93B17, 93B10