Kybernetika 59 no. 3, 437-460, 2023

Generalized synchronization in the networks with directed acyclic structure

Sergej Čelikovský, Volodymyr Lynnyk, Anna Lynnyk and Branislav RehákDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2023-3-0437


Generalized synchronization in the direct acyclic networks, i.e. the networks represented by the directed tree, is presented here. Network nodes consist of copies of the so-called generalized Lorenz system with possibly different parameters yet mutually structurally equivalent. The difference in parameters actually requires the generalized synchronization rather than the identical one. As the class of generalized Lorenz systems includes the well-known particular classes such as (classical) Lorenz system, Chen system, or Lü system, all these classes can be synchronized using the presented approach as well. The main theorem is rigorously mathematically formulated and proved in detail. Extensive numerical simulations are included to illustrate and further substantiate these theoretical results. Moreover, during these numerical experiments, the so-called duplicated system approach is used to double-check the generalized synchronization.


chaos, generalized synchronization, generalized Lorenz system, networks


93C10, 05C82, 34D06


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