Kybernetika 58 no. 4, 547-563, 2022

Sliding mode differentiator via improved adaptive notch filter

Juan Wang, Hehong Zhang, Yuanlong Yu, Zhihong Dan, Gaoxi Xiao, Qiuming Gu and Chao ZhaiDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2022-4-0547


To tackle the difficulty in tuning the parameters of sliding mode differentiator (SMD), an improved adaptive notch filter based real-time parameter tuning scheme (denoted as ANF-SMD) is presented. Specifically, the integral feedback of the system output errors is introduced in constructing the cost function for the adaptive notch filter so as to estimate the real-time amplitude and frequency of given inputs. Then, upon the deterministic formula between the parameters of the SMD and the input signals, the parameters of the SMD can be adjusted adaptively as inputs vary. Simulation results show that the proposed ANF-SMD scheme performs well in signal filtering and differentiation estimation. The effectiveness of the proposed ANF-SMD is further experimentally verified on the pressure signal processing for the altitude ground test facility.


sliding mode differentiator, parameter tuning scheme, adaptive notch filter, altitude ground test facility


93A30, 93Cxx


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