Kybernetika 58 no. 3, 354-375, 2022

Migrativity properties of 2-uninorms over semi t-operators

Ying Li-Jun and Qin FengDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2022-3-0354


In this paper, we analyze and characterize all solutions about $\alpha$-migrativity properties of the five subclasses of 2-uninorms, i. e. $C^{k}$, $C^{0}_{k}$, $C^{1}_{k}$, $C^{0}_{1}$, $C^{1}_{0}$, over semi-t-operators. We give the sufficient and necessary conditions that make these $\alpha$-migrativity equations hold for all possible combinations of 2-uninorms over semi-t-operators. The results obtained show that for $G\in C^{k}$, the $\alpha$-migrativity of $G$ over a semi-t-operator $F_{\mu,\nu}$ is closely related to the $\alpha$-section of $F_{\mu,\nu}$ or the ordinal sum representation of t-norm and t-conorm corresponding to $F_{\mu,\nu}$. But for the other four categories, the $\alpha$-migrativity over a semi-t-operator $F_{\mu,\nu}$ is fully determined by the $\alpha$-section of $F_{\mu,\nu}$.


triangular norms, uninorms, 2-uninorms, semi-t-operators, triangular conorms


03B52, 94D05


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