Kybernetika 53 no. 5, 911-921, 2017

Notes on locally internal uninorm on bounded lattices

Gül Deniz Çaylı, Ümit Ertuğrul, Tuncay Köroğlu and Funda KaraçalDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2017-5-0911


In the study, we introduce the definition of a locally internal uninorm on an arbitrary bounded lattice $L$. We examine some properties of an idempotent and locally internal uninorm on an arbitrary bounded latice $L$, and investigate relationship between these operators. Moreover, some illustrative examples are added to show the connection between idempotent and locally internal uninorm.


uninorm, idempotent uninorm, bounded lattice, locally internal


03B52, 06B20, 03E72


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