Kybernetika 50 no. 6, 869-882, 2014

Inferring the residual waiting time for binary stationary time series

Gusztáv Morvai and Benjamin WeissDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2014-6-0869


For a binary stationary time series define $\sigma_n$ to be the number of consecutive ones up to the first zero encountered after time $n$, and consider the problem of estimating the conditional distribution and conditional expectation of $\sigma_n$ after one has observed the first $n$ outputs. We present a sequence of stopping times and universal estimators for these quantities which are pointwise consistent for all ergodic binary stationary processes. In case the process is a renewal process with zero the renewal state the stopping times along which we estimate have density one.


stationary processes, nonparametric estimation


62G05, 60G25, 60G10


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