Kybernetika 50 no. 6, 1032-1048, 2014

Dynamic portfolio optimization with risk management and strategy constraints

Csilla Krommerová and Igor MelicherčíkDOI: 10.14736/kyb-2014-6-1032


We investigate the problem of power utility maximization considering risk management and strategy constraints. The aim of this paper is to obtain admissible dynamic portfolio strategies. In case the floor is guaranteed with probability one, we provide two admissible solutions, the option based portfolio insurance in the constrained model, and the alternative method and show that none of the solutions dominate the other. In case the floor is guaranteed partially, we provide one admissible solution, the portfolio insurance with spreads.


power utility maximization, risk management, convex constraints


49L20, 60J65, 91G10, 91G20


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