Kybernetika 48 no. 1, 83-104, 2012

An optimality system for finite average Markov decision chains under risk-aversion

Alfredo Alaní s-Durán and Rolando Cavazos-Cadena


This work concerns controlled Markov chains with finite state space and compact action sets. The decision maker is risk-averse with constant risk-sensitivity, and the performance of a control policy is measured by the long-run average cost criterion. Under standard continuity-compactness conditions, it is shown that the (possibly non-constant) optimal value function is characterized by a system of optimality equations which allows to obtain an optimal stationary policy. Also, it is shown that the optimal superior and inferior limit average cost functions coincide.


partition of the state space, nonconstant optimal average cost, equality of superior and inferior limit risk-averse average criteria


93E20, 60J05, 93C55


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