Kybernetika 46 no. 5, 890-906, 2010

Null controllability of a nonlinear diffusion system in reactor dynamics

Kumarasamy Sakthivel, Krishnan Balachandran, Jong-Yeoul Park and Ganeshan Devipriya


In this paper, we prove the exact null controllability of certain diffusion system by rewriting it as an equivalent nonlinear parabolic integrodifferential equation with variable coefficients in a bounded interval of $\mathbb R$ with a distributed control acting on a subinterval. We first prove a global null controllability result of an associated linearized integrodifferential equation by establishing a suitable observability estimate for adjoint system with appropriate assumptions on the coefficients. Then this result is successfully used with some estimates for parabolic equation in $L^k$ spaces together with classical fixed point theorem, to prove the null controllability of the nonlinear model.


observability, controllability, parabolic integrodifferential equation


93B05, 93B07


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