Kybernetika 46 no. 2, 281-293, 2010

Numerical simulation of suspension induced rheology

Rodolphe Prignitz and Eberhard Bänsch


Flow of particles suspended in a fluid can be found in numerous industrial processes utilizing sedimentation, fluidization and lubricated transport such as food processing, catalytic processing, slurries, coating, paper manufacturing, particle injection molding and filter operation. The ability to understand rheology effects of particulate flows is elementary for the design, operation and efficiency of the underlying processes. Despite the fact that particle technology is widely used, it is still an enormous experimental challenge to determine the correct parameters for the process employed. In this paper we present \mbox{2-dimensional} numerical results for the behavior of a particle based suspension and compare it with analytically results obtained for the Stokes-flow around a single particle.


CFD, multiphase flows, particulate flow, finite elements, subspace projection, rheology


76D05, 70E55, 76M10