Issue contents

Volume 44 (2008)
Volume 45 (2009)
Volume 46 (2010)

Issue: 3

349-386 D. Theodoridis, Y. Boutalis and M. Christodoulou Direct Adaptive Control of Unknown Nonlinear Systems Using a New Neuro-Fuzzy Method Together with a Novel Approach of Parameter Hopping
387-404 Z. Zhang, H. Sun and F. Zhong Geometric Structures of Stable Output Feedback Systems
405-416 V. Ayala, J. Ayala-Hoffmann and I. de Azevedo Tribuzy Controllability of Invariant Control Systems At Uniform Time
417-426 J. Travieso-Torres, M. Duarte-Mermoud and P. Zagalák Passivity Based Stabilization of Non-Minimum Phase Nonlinear Systems
427-444 B. Rehák, S. Čelikovský, J. Ruiz-León and J. Orozco-Mora A Comparison of Two Fem-Based Methods for the Solution of the Nonlinear Output Regulation Problem
445-457 V. Černý Unifying Approach to Observer-Filter Design
458-474 J. Štěpán and J. Staněk Absorption in Stochastic Epidemics
475-490 E. Gordienko, A. Garcia and J. de Chavez Asymptotic Properties and Optimization of Some Non-Markovian Stochastic Processes
491-506 E. Eslami and F. Haghani Pure Filters and Stable Topology on BL-algebras
507-528 A. Novikov Optimal Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Testing in Presence of Control Variables
529-540 D. Hong The Stability of Parameter Estimation of Fuzzy Variables
541-547 D. Hong A Note About Operations Like TW (the Weakest t-Norm) Based Addition on Fuzzy Intervals
548-560 V. Torra, Y. Endo and S. Miyamoto On the Comparison of Some Fuzzy Clustering Methods for Privacy Preserving Data Mining: Towards the Development of Specific Information Loss Measures
561-562 H. Gintis Game Theory Evolving: A Problem-Centered Introduction to Modeling Strategic Interaction
562-563 E. Cura and M. Maschler Insight Into Game Theory: An Alternative Mathematical Experience