Kybernetika 45 no. 2, 208-248, 2009

Two Operations of Merging and Splitting Components in a Chain Graph

Milan Studený, Alberto Roverato and Šárka Štěpánová


In this paper we study two operations of merging components in a chain graph, which appear to be elementary operations yielding an equivalent graph in the respective sense. At first, we recall basic results on the operation of {\em feasible merging} components, which is related to classic LWF (Lauritzen, Wermuth and Frydenberg) Markov equivalence of chain graphs. These results are used to get a graphical characterisation of {\em factorisation equivalence} of classic chain graphs. As another example of the use of this operation, we derive some important invariants of LWF Markov equivalence of chain graphs. Last, we recall analogous basic results on the operation of {\em legal merging} components. This operation is related to the so-called {\em strong equivalence} of chain graphs, which includes both classic LWF equivalence and alternative AMP (Andersson, Madigan and Perlman) Markov equivalence.


chain graph, essential graph, factorisation equivalence, feasible merging components, legal merging components, strong equivalence


62H05, 68T30, 05C90