Kybernetika 45 no. 1, 63-83, 2009

A New Nyquist-Based Technique for Tuning Robust Decentralized Controllers

Alena Kozáková, Vojtech Veselý and Jakub Osuský


An original Nyquist-based frequency domain robust decentralized controller (DC) design technique for robust stability and guaranteed nominal performance is proposed, applicable for continuous-time uncertain systems described by a set of transfer function matrices. To provide nominal performance, interactions are included in individual design using one selected characteristic locus of the interaction matrix, used to reshape frequency responses of decoupled subsystems; such modified subsystems are termed "equivalent subsystems". Local controllers of equivalent subsystems independently tuned for stability and specified feasible performance constitute the decentralized controller guaranteeing specified performance of the full system. To guarantee robust stability, the $M-\Delta$ stability conditions are derived. Unlike standard robust approaches, the proposed technique considers full nominal model, thus reducing conservativeness of resulting robust stability conditions. The developed frequency domain design procedure is graphical, interactive and insightful. A case study providing a step-by-step robust DC design for the Quadruple Tank Process [K.H. Johansson: Interaction bounds in multivariable control systems. Automatica 38 (2002), 1045-1051] is included.


multivariable system, decentralized controller, frequency domain, independent design, robust stability, unstructured uncertainty