Issue contents

Volume 42 (2006)
Volume 43 (2007)
Volume 44 (2008)

Special issue: PRASTAN Conference

393-394 A. Handlovičová, O. Nánásiová and J. Víšek Special issue: Editorial
395-414 J. Štěpán and D. Hlubinka Kermack-McKendrick epidemic model revisited
415-430 J. Antoch and D. Jarušková Testing a homogeneity of stochastic processes
431-442 J. Komorník and M. Komorníková Applications of regime-switching models based on aggregation operators
443-452 G. Wimmer and V. Witkovský Linear comparative calibration with correlated measurements
453-462 A. Pázman Criteria for optimal design of small-sample experiments with correlated observations
463-470 L. Kubáček Test of linear hypothesis in multivariate models
471-480 B. Arendacká A modification of the Hartung-Knapp confidence interval on the variance component in two-variance-component models
481-490 B. Riečan On some contributions to quantum structures by fuzzy sets
491-502 M. Mareš Fuzzy data in statistics
503-508 Š. Varga Robust estimations in classical regression models versus robust estimations in fuzzy regression models
509-522 Z. Krivá Finite-volume level set method and its adaptive version in completing subjective contours
523-532 A. Handlovičová Perona-Malik equation: properties of explicit finite volume scheme
533-546 N. Dikoussar and C. Török On one approach to local surface smoothing
547-559 M. Révayová and C. Török Piecewise approximation and neural networks
561-576 S. Šťastník, J. Vala and H. Kmínová Identification of basic thermal technical characteristics of building materials
577-588 J. Šembera, J. Maryška, J. Královcová and O. Severýn A novel approach to modelling of flow in fractured porous medium