Kybernetika 38 no. 6, 709-716, 2002

Dual meaning of verbal quantities

Milan Mareš and Radko Mesiar


The aim of the paper is to summarize and interpret some ideas regarding effective processing of vague data. The main contribution of the submitted approach consists in respecting the fact that vague data can be decomposed into two parts. The numerical one, describing the quantitative value of such data, and the semantic one characterizing the qualitative structure of the vagueness included into them. \par This partition of vague verbal data leads to a significant simplification of their practical processing, namely if complicated computations are considered. This regards also the methods and concepts of descriptive statistics and their handling in the case in which vague data appear on the input. \par Particular parts of the alternative method of vague data processing which is discussed here were in a more detailed way investigated in some of the referred paper. The purpose of this paper is to give a brief explanation of the method in its complete connections with the practical processing of vagueness in quantitative environment.