Kybernetika 34 no. 5, 595-607, 1998

A reduction principle for global stabilization of nonlinear systems

Rachid Outbib and Gauthier Sallet


The goal of this paper is to propose new sufficient conditions for dynamic stabilization of nonlinear systems. More precisely, we present a reduction principle for the stabilization of systems that are obtained by adding integrators. This represents a generalization of the well-known lemma on integrators (see for instance [C. Byrnes and A. Isidori: New results and examples in nonlinear feedback stabilization. Systems Control Lett. {\mi12} (1989), 437-442.] or [J. Tsinias: Sufficient Lyapunov-like conditions for stabilization. Math. Control Signals Systems {\mi18} (1989), 343-357.]).