Issue contents

Volume 33 (1997)
Volume 34 (1998)
Volume 35 (1999)

Special issue: Statistical techniques in pattern recognition

361 P. Pudil Special issue: Statistical techniques in pattern recognition
363-368 F. Aherne, N. Thacker and P. Rockett The Bhattacharyya metric as an absolute similarity measure for frequency coded data
369-374 E. Alpaydin and C. Kaynak Cascading classifiers
375-380 V. Brailovsky and M. Har-Even Detecting a data set structure through the use of nonlinear projections search and optimization
381-386 M. van Breukelen, R. Duin, D. Tax and J. Hartog Handwritten digit recognition by combined classifiers
387-392 L. Bruzzone and S. Serpico A simple upper bound to the Bayes error probability for feature selection
393-398 M. Dang and G. Govaert Fuzzy clustering of spatial binary data
399-404 R. Duin, D. de Ridder and D. Tax Featureless pattern classification
405-410 F. Ferri Combining adaptive vector quantization and prototype selection techniques to improve nearest neighbour classifiers
411-416 J. Flusser and T. Suk On selecting the best features in a noisy environment
417-422 J. Grim Mixture of experts architectures for neural networks as a special case of conditional expectation formula
423-428 M. Haindl and S. Šimberová A scratch removal method
429-434 M. Kudo and J. Sklansky A comparative evaluation of medium- and large-scale feature selectors for pattern classifiers
435-442 R. Kumar and P. Rockett Decomposition of high dimensional pattern spaces for hierarchical classification
443-446 E. Nyssen Interpretation of pattern classification results, obtained from a test set
447-450 J. Pik Transformation of structural patterns in discrete events? An application of structural methods in discrete event systems
451-460 P. Pudil, J. Novovičová, P. Somol and R. Vrňata Conceptual base of feature selection consulting system
461-466 Š. Raudys Intrinsic dimensionality and small sample properties of classifiers
467-472 M. Sato, M. Kudo, J. Toyama and M. Shimbo Construction of nonlinear discrimination function based on the MDL criterion
473-478 L. Soukup Probability distribution of transformed random variables with application to nonlinear features extraction
479-484 H. Tenmoto, M. Kudo and M. Shimbo Piecewise linear classifiers preserving high local recognition rates
485-494 I. Vajda and J. Grim About the maximum information and maximum likelihood principles
495 Y. Sato, L. Jain and M. Sato Fuzzy Clustering Models and Applications