Kybernetika 33 no. 1, 75-86, 1997

Global control of flexural and torsional deformations of one-link mechanical system

Michel Cotsaftis


Usual way in controlling infinite dimensional dynamical systems such as deformable mechanical one is to project onto a finite dimensional manifold $({\cal M})$ and apply previous, mainly PD-type, controllers, plus conditions for non-spillover. This approximate method rests upon representing needed system information for controller onto $({\cal M})$, with associated difficulties unsolvable in case of mixed flexural and torsional origin. To avoid them, another procedure is proposed here, which uses directly measurable and collocated bending moment at link origin representing global force due to deformations onto link rigid motion, into the feedback loop for controlling deformations by stiffening selectively the system to all these modes. The corresponding global control accounts for all deformation modes, flexural and torsional, so no projection is needed as usual, and is easily implementable and efficient.


93C95, 70Q05, 93C85, 73K50