Kybernetika 33 no. 1, 51-60, 1997

The performance analysis of the adaptive two-stage DFB narrowband interference suppression filter in DSSS receiver

Miroslav L. Dukić and Zoran S. Dobrosavljević


In this paper the performance of the direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) receiver containing the adaptive two stage decision feedback (DFB) filter in the presence of the nonstationary narrowband autoregressive interference is presented. The adaptation algorithm considered is Widrow-Hoff least-mean square (LMS). The receiver performance is expressed by the Signal/(NBI+Noise) ratio and the bit error rate. The results obtained show that the overall good receiver performance is not degraded by the variation of the filter coefficients caused by the adaptation process in the presence of the nonstationary electromagnetic environment.


94A12, 93E35, 93E11