Kybernetika 30 no. 6, 725-743, 1994

Robust continuous-time tracking and regulation for multirate sampled-data systems

Osvaldo M. Grasselli, Sauro Longhi and Antonio Tornambè


In this paper, the robust ripple-free tracking and disturbance rejection problem is solved for multirate sampled-data systems whose matrices are assumed to depend on some "physical'' parameters. Making use of a hybrid control system structure, including a continuous-time internal model of the exogenous signals and a periodic discrete-time subcompensator, a ripple-free null steady-state error response is obtained in a neighbourhood of the nominal "physical'' parameters of the plant, and a ripple-free dead-beat error response at the nominal ones.


93B51, 93C73, 93C57, 93B35, 93A99