Kybernetika 30 no. 4, 425-432, 1994

On-line identification and control of chaos in a real Chua's circuit

Andrzej Dąbrowski, Zbigniew Galias and Maciej J. Ogorzałek


This paper presents results of a study of identification and control of chaos in a real electronic circuit. In all experiments we used an op-amp implementation of Chua's circuit. An application-specific software package has been developed. This package consists of programs for handling automatic measurements in the electronic system, characterisation of the system on the basis of measured experimental time series (identification), generation of the control signals for stabilisation of chosen periodic state. The software is fully interactive - the user takes the decisions at each step of the procedure (e. g. length of the measured interval, choice of orbits to compute, goal of the control etc.) We have performed a number of experiments of controlling Chua's circuit. We were able to stabilize several low-period unstable orbits found earlier using the software package.


93C10, 58F40, 93B30, 58F13